Dual Infrared Red Light Therapy Review

Not many of us know but infrared light therapy is an ancient practice. Historical records show that ancient men used to filter sunlight through glasses stained with red color and redirect the filtered light on bare skin to speed up the healing process. The Dual Infrared Red Light Therapy device is based on the same principle. It use the visible red light and infrared light to treat muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, ulcers, stiffness and other problems such as inflammation, swellings, sun damage, aging etc.

The device allows the users to use red light and infrared lights separately or together using two simple switches. The infrared light penetrates deeper into the body compared to the red light but both of them have same therapeutic significance and help in faster healing.  The device comes with 120 LEDs or light emitting diodes, which are divided into 7 rows of 8 LEDs each emitting 880 nm infrared rays and 8 rows of 8 LEDs each emitting 660 nm red light.

Medical research shows that the resonant frequency of human cells is between 600nm and 720nm. The very fact that this Dual Infrared red light therapy device emits red light with 660nm frequency (which is exactly midway between the resonant frequencies of cells), the device is far more effective in healing pains, swellings, inflammation and other problems compared to competing devices on the market. The hemoglobin in blood is capable of absorbing the 660nm frequency red light more effectively and this helps to improve blood circulation and alleviate pain.

The entire device measures 5” in length, 2 3/4” in width and 7/8” in thickness. Including the switches, the length of the device is 5 ½”.

Effectiveness – 4/5

Users report that the product is very effective in healing pain, stiffness and even ulcers. It also helps to fend off sun damage and aging process. The frequency of the visible red light increases its effectiveness even further because it falls within the resonant frequencies of body cells. However, looking at the overall effectiveness, the product loses some points because it can alter sleep cycles dramatically when used on face during night. It is therefore advised that the product be used during day time with each application session not exceeding 20 minutes.

Safety – 4/5

In this department too, this light therapy device loses some points. Infrared lights produce heat and prolonged use of the device in one single session can lead to skin burns, especially for those with very sensitive skin. There are no safety timer or automatic shutdown functions and hence, users need to continuously monitor the usage duration, which as mentioned before, should not exceed 20 minutes per session.

Ease-of-Use – 5/5

This light therapy device is very easy to use. It comes with a hassle-free operation and simply placing the device on the affected area will work out miracles.

Price – 4/5

The product is pricey but given its healing properties and dual light technology, the money will be well-spent because the product delivers visible results.

Overall Rating – 4.25/5

Overall, the Dual Infrared Red Light Therapy device gets a score of 4.25 out of  5, thus making it a great choice for pain relief. Its ease of use and high concentration of light therapy makes it one of our favorite choices.

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If you have experience with this cold laser therapy device, please leave a comment! We would love to hear about your experience!

Disclaimer: Please consult with a medical professional before using this product. It may not be the right solution for you.

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